About Us

Phantom Controls was founded by Jason Cerrano in St. Louis, MO. Jason is both a professional firefighter and a mechanical engineer. In 1999, while attending college, Jason started his career in the fire service as a volunteer. After graduating he decided to pursue a full-time career in the fire service. During his career, Jason developed the concept for an automated fire pump with remote capabilities to allow the operator to move about the scene and work with the crew. After receiving multiple patents relating to this technology, Phantom Controls was founded developing this technology for the fire service.

Phantom Controls joined the IDEX Corporation on June 27, 2018 and now operates within the IDEX Fire & Safety segment. Together with the water-flow expertise of Hale Products, Akron Brass and Class 1 Electronics, Phantom Controls can continue to be dedicated to bringing forward unprecedented technology that will improve both safety and efficiency on the fire ground.