(Scene Apparatus Manager)

S.A.M. is capable of pumping the truck for the operator so the operator is free to work with the crew and focus on their safety.
S.A.M. is patented technology

We have retro fitted this 17 year old fire truck with our new SAM system. This truck is in service at one of the busiest engine houses in St. Louis. The S.A.M. handles all pump operations for the truck operator so he can focus on crew safety, crew needs, and fire ground operations. He can always manage the truck from the best vantage point and the safest position.

You can come pump this truck at FDIC 2017 at our outside display #19018. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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What is S.A.M.?

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Bringing the fire service into the 21st century

About Phantom Controls

Phantom Controls was founded by Jason Cerrano. Jason is both a professional firefighter and a mechanical engineer. Phantom Controls owns multiple patents related to fire truck automation and wireless controls. We are currently developing this technology.

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